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Baye Speedy - filfilu - Yesira Limid 1 - kibebew

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here are the classical Kebebew commedies as per your request


The latest on Ethiopian politics from danayit.com

Joining Tigrai and Somali Bounded States as able-bodied as Addis Ababa City Administration,the Oromia Bounded State has become the fourth arena to accredit Vice President, whois not a affiliate of its bounded council—ChefeOromia,asits next de factopresident to advance the arena in a agitated period.

In an amazing affair alleged on Thursday afternoon, Chefe Oromiaapproved Shimelis Abdisa as the new agent admiral of the region, bushing the abstraction larboard by Lemma Megerssa, who was appointed as the Defense Minister, the aforementioned morning.

Shimelisserved as the Head of the Office of the Prime Minister replacing FitsumArega, who was appointed as Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the US.

It is to be recalled that Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD) of the Tigrai Bounded State and Mustefa Mohammed Omerof Somali arena were appointed to run their corresponding regions with a Vice Presidential rank.Deberetsion, who was a affiliate of the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR),was not a affiliate ofTigrai’s bounded Council if he was assigned to advance the region. Nevertheless, he wasapproved by the regionalcouncil for the Vice Presidential role.Debretsion larboard Addis Ababa for Mekele and still holds his bench in the HPR.

However, Mustefa Omer’s case is altered back he was noteven in the affair administration position for absolutely a few years afore getting appointed as the de facto president. Mustefaisa rights activist and an Agricultural economist by profession,and was adopted by the Somali Council in August2018 afterwards its above president, Abdi Illey, was affected to abandon and after bedfast by federal badge actuality in Addis Ababa.

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Girum ‘Geremew’ Geterew, 29, is standing by the roadside leading from Boleto Meskel Square. He is guarding a series of acrylic paintings he has made and sales on the street. He has occupied the site for the past few months, having moved from the other side of Bole across the street from Medhanialem church following road construction work in the area. He had worked at the previous site for 3 years.

Geremew’s works add a pop of color to a vibrant, but ultimately art deprived city like Addis. People unlikely to enter art galleries stop by to see these paintings. They converse with Geremew, asking questions about the subject matter or offering their own interpretations. Some even purchase the pieces.

Othersare still, happy to find an artist that isn’t dauntingly intellectualizing to the extent of obscuring the meaning of the art piece, eager to discuss with Geremew. Few take his number to commission works. Most people buy his paintings to hang in their homes or places of business. Geremew is of the opinion that people have resold his paintings at a profit.

The commercial potential of visual arts in this city is yet to be explored, of course. Art works can be sold for hundreds of thousands of birr but the market is hardly formal. The resale value is where commercial art has soared. While modernist masters like Geremew’s works are based solely in Addis, SkunderBoghossian, AfeworkTekle and WosseneKorosof are high auction items abroad.

Paintings are now seen more and more often in public spaces like coffee houses and hotels, not merely as decorations as part of the interior design but to also showcase an up and coming artist’s works as a makeshift gallery space. Art has found a way through the cracks, contorting to fit into whatever context allows for its continued existence.

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